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Testtraining: Testtraining

Result of the HYPOXI-Lipoedema study

Eight women who suffer from lipoedema completed HYPOXI-Training (combined training, HYPOXI-Trainer S120 or L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology) for four months in an authorized HYPOXI-Studio. The initial examination and the final examination were carried out by Dr. Manuel Cornely.


The result:

  • weight loss for all subjects between 1.1 kg and 16.3 kg
  • significant and measurable loss of circumference at relevant measureing points


All subjects report a significant improvement in symptoms and increased quality of life. The individual results and statements of the test persons:


Heike S. (age: 50, starting weight: 89 kg)

 47 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 9.5 kg / minus 58 cm

  • “…after 3 months HYPOXI-Training with a dietary change and super coaching I am nearly pain free…”
  • “…my legs feel softer and I have this unprecedented feeling to be able to move without this constant pain…”
  • “…finally in my job as a nursery school teacher I am able to put the kids on my lap…”


Kristina M. (age: 30, starting weight: 62.6 kg)

 37 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 1.1 kg / minus 28.5 cm

  • “…the water retention in my legs are fading from training to training…”
  • “…I really look forward to every training session, before HYPOXI, I was a real sports denier…”


Jana B. (age: 22, starting weight: 59.4 kg)

 38 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 4.4 kg / minus 36 cm

  • “…HYPOXI is important to me because it makes me feel good!”
  • “…my legs don’t feel that heavy anymore and the pain has decreased a lot…”
  • “…to feel overall better with a slight dietary change and the HYPOXI-Training program – this was my goal…”


Marion F. (age: 52, starting weight: 96.8 kg)

 48 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 7.8 kg / minus 61 cm

  • “…the HYPOXI-miracle! – I had to eat more in order to lose weight…”
  • “…HYPOXI helped me to improve my quality of life…”
  • “…it feels good being disciplined and active…”
  • “…my legs don’t feel that heavy any more…”
  • “…even when standing the whole day long, the pain in the evening is not that bad anymore…”


Petra M. (age: 48, starting weight: 137.9 kg)

 45 x combined Training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 15.3 kg / minus 70 cm

  • “…my legs feel much lighter…”
  • “…the pain on HYPOXI-days is much less…”
  • “…my skin is well supplied with blood, rosy and velvety…”
  • “…a quality of life which I haven’t experienced for long time…”


Nicole H. (age: 26, starting weight: 73.3 kg)

 38 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 3.3 kg / minus 36.5 cm

  • “…for the first time in my life with this illness the circumference of my legs has significantly decreased…”
  • “…my legs feel much lighter and I suffer less pain…”
  • “…my connective tissue became tighter, my dimples are decreasing…”
  • “…to me the miracle of the HYPOXI-Method is clearly visible on my buttocks…”


Alexandra E. (age: 43, starting weight: 79 kg)

 41 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 1.2 kg / minus 27 cm

  • “…my metabolism is at high performance…”
  • “…the pain in my legs is hardly noticeable anymore…”
  • “…my legs can deal much better with extreme heat and the related water retentions…”
  • “…finally I can enjoy long walks at the beach…”


Claudia G. (age: 50, starting weight: 134.3 kg)

 43 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 16.3 kg / minus 91 cm

  • “…less water retentions, less pain, more desire for movement and finally a better quality of life…”
  • “…my environment noticed the change of my body; my legs changed significantly…”
  • “…even on hot days the retentions are not that extreme…”
  • “…the pressure sensitivity is no longer that high and the sensitivity to pain when touched has decreased…”
  • “…my lymphatic therapist confirms that my connective tissue became softer and that the nodules decrease…”

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DAY 13 & 14 & 15 of the HYPOXI – Sessions by Nina Blakemore

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TAG 13 & 14 & 15 der HYPOXI – Sessions von Nina Blakemore

In diesem Video erzählt sie von ihren Erlebnissen bei ihren HYPOXI – Sessions im Vila Vita Parc 5-Star-Deluxe-Resort, Algarve-Portugal. (german)

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