Get inspired by HYPOXI customers and achieve a completely new body sensation through our targeted method.
January 4th, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema

It’s not to late to meet your new year resolution goals of 2018 now! Get inspired by HYPOXI customers and achieve a completely new body sensation through our targeted method.

Contact us NOW for a free test training  – our closest HYPOXI partner will contact you at your preferred time and communication channel!


Does this sound a little bit exaggerated to you? Let Nicole Hofmann tell her story of how the HYPOXI-Method worked for her:

“A friend of mine recommended HYPOXI. After a short google search I found the HYPOXI-Studio in Reiskirchen. First I searched the net for information. Then I thought, an informational visit in connection with a test training can’t be bad. So I made an appointment.

In 12 weeks I had reduced my weight with the change in diet and the treatments from 9.5 kg down to 65.5 kg and lost an incredible 80.5 cm in total from my problem zones and reduced my dress size from 42 (EU-size) to 38. <…> I’m already a happy person again!”

Of course you won’t achieve your personal goals right after the first training session – but success stories such as this of Nicole Hofmann show that this first step into an authorized HYPOXI-Studio could be the right decision for you too.


This is what you get with a free HYPOXI test training:
* Introduction to the HYPOXI-Method and the advantages
* Individual consulting interview with body analysis
* One session trial with a recommended HYPOXI device

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July 4th, 2017 by hypoxilipoedema

Lipedema or lipoedema (European spelling) is an incurable,chronically progressive affliction that occurs almost exclusively in women. It causes a symmetrical accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue that disproportionately affects the lower limbs from buttocks to ankles. The legs may also be sensitive and prone to easy bruising. In some cases, the upper arms can also accumulate distinct patterns of fatty tissue.

Lipedema is little known, under recognized, and generally misdiagnosed as simple obesity. Despite the fact that it’s been named for over 75 years, it is only recently that interest and education about lipedema is gaining in awareness. Estimates of the incidence of lipedema vary widely, and range as high as 11% of the post-pubertal female population, with estimates of 17 million women in the US, and 370 million women worldwide affected.

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