September 15th, 2017 by hypoxilipoedema
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DAY 6 & 7 of the HYPOXI – Session by Nina Blakemore

Nina Blakemore tells in her Video about the experiences from her HYPOXI- Sessions. Enjoy the insights she give us in the HYPOXI-Studio at Vila Vita Parc 5-Star-Deluxe-Resort, Algarve-Portugal.

TAG 6 & 7 der HYPOXI – Session von Nina Blakemore In diesem Video erzählt sie von ihren Erlebnissen bei ihren HYPOXI – Sessions im Vila Vita Parc 5-Star-Deluxe-Resort, Algarve-Portugal.

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“It was so wonderful to see the difference in my bottom half”
July 4th, 2017 by hypoxilipoedema

Nina Blakemore, Curve Ambassador, UK.

“I suffer with a chronic condition called Lipoedema. It is basically a build of painful fat which usually manifests itself on the lower half of your body – so you carry a lot of excess weight on your hips, legs and bottom area. 

Lipoedema fat, frustratingly, does not respond to dieting or exercise. Therefore, I was astounded when, personally, I achieved some fabulous results during my HYPOXI experience.

I attended Rejuvenate at HYPOXI 3 times a week over 6 weeks and in total, lost 20in mainly from my stubborn areas. I used the ‘HYPOXI-Dermology bed’ for 20 mins then went onto the bike for 30 mins. It is a gentle exercise that suits everybody, especially Lipoedema sufferers as no pain is felt during the treatment. It was so wonderful to see the difference in my bottom half.

Thank You HYPOXI for giving me hope with this disease. I will definitely be using HYPOXI as my regular exercise routine from now on.”


  • 20in circumference loss
  • 18 sessions

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