December 21st, 2017 by hypoxilipoedema

HYOPXI – design your body and HYPOXI-Lipoedema is proud to present the wonderful Karen Windsor ❤️

Karen Windsor, representative for charity Talk Lipoedema trialling #HYPOXI “Hi my names Karen and I have Lipoedema amongst other lymphatic disorders, I’m the south-east representative for Charity Talk Lipoedema.

I’m currently on a trial with HYPOXI to see how this type of treatment affects my Lipoedema and so far, all is good.

I will have been doing it for a month this Friday and can see and feel lots of changes, I’m blogging on my Instagram for anyone interested in my progress. kazzzyb_talk_chick. I’m excited to see my progress over the next few weeks.

I believe there is a way of treating Lipoedema that doesn’t involve invasive surgery, I recognise in some cases surgery is the only route but in cases like myself, I’m pretty sure more can be done by ourselves to insure a bright future”.

With more and more positive results, we are attracting the cooperation of medical experts and therapists.

The increased interest and awareness has also brought extra revenue to the studios.

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