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Nicole in the HYPOXI L250
January 23rd, 2019 by hypoxilipoedema

No stress on joints, muscles, tendons and circulation 

Nutrition, exercise, sports and fitness contribute in any case positively to a healthy lifestyle and help to keep the body in shape.

However, with the goal of a fast body shaping in mind, it can quickly happen that with sports or diets weight is reduced at the wrong areas of the body, that body proportions change rather unfavourably and perhaps even health risks occur.

The HYPOXI-Method, on the other hand, is targeted, fast, visible, long-term and helps to shape the figure without burden at the desired areas.

Conclusion: HYPOXI is a modern method of targeted circumference reduction – without any radical measures that unnecessarily burden you and your body!

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Let's start: "Good resolutions 2019" There is a way to comfortably hold out your good intentions for 2019. Without effort. But with success! Free test training! Visit: ⏩
January 2nd, 2019 by hypoxilipoedema

Let’s start: “Good resolutions 2019”

There is a way to comfortably hold out your good intentions for 2019.

Without effort. But with success!

Free test training! Visit:

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December 24th, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema


Thank you, Karen and Talk Lipedema for this post. We love it!

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at Talk Lipedema:

Our image this year has been designed by Saffi Elder (15). Saffi supports her mother who has Lipoedema and also helps with her three siblings who suffer from dyspraxia, dyslexia and SPD (sensory processing disorder).

Saffi ‘s escape is her art. We think at this time of year it’s worth remembering that Lipoedema affects everyone in the family. Have a wonderful festive season x”


(Repost fr. Talk Lipedema, Thanks to Saffi Elder, Karen Windsor & Talk Lipedema)

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HYPOXI Devices
December 4th, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema

Four modern training devices

The HYPOXI-Training devices systematically treat specific problem areas on your body and combine moderate fat burning training with an activation of blood circulation in the concerned body region. The S120 and the L250 target the problem areas legs, hips and buttocks. The Vacunaut shapes the stomach. To achieve tighter connective tissue and a more attractive complexion, use the HYPOXI-Dermology.

▶️ HYPOXI S120
The S120 combines three principles to effectively reduce undesired fat depots in the legs and buttocks: negative and positive pressure, combined with moderate exercise. The vacuum treatment sucks blood into the skin and fat tissue and thereby strengthens the nutrient supply. During the compression phase, blood and fluids are drained again. The moderate kinetic exercise helps to burn the reduced fat in the muscles.

▶️ HYPOXI L250
The L250 is ideally suited for people with high body weight or low fitness. The exercise is done whilst lying down. The constant alternation between negative and normal pressure improves the blood circulation. You pedal upwards with your legs, so that gravity quickens the drainage of the fat in a natural and healthy way and counters potential congestion.

▶️ HYPOXI Vacunaut & PressureSuit
The Vacunaut targets the problem areas, stomach and hips. The pressure conditions necessary for the treatment are created in the Vacunaut column and then passed into the PressureSuit – a specifically designed suit. The suit’s activation chambers alternately exert positive pressure and negative pressure on the entire stomach and hip region. At the same time, you perform moderate fat burning exercise on a treadmill.

▶️ HYPOXI-Dermology
The HYPOXI-Dermology is used to tighten your skin. The activation chambers of the HD-PressureSuit treat the concerned body regions while you relax comfortably on the ergonomically formed HD Comfort Couch. Alternating between positive pressure and negative pressure, 400 chambers simultaneously treat the problem areas using the principle of cupping but without any damaging effects.

Contact us NOW for a free test training – our closest HYPOXI partner will contact you at your preferred time and communication channel!



Testtraining: Testtraining


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Why HYPOXI? Anti-Aging during the Menopause
November 17th, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema

Time to adapt your physical activity and dietary habits to the challenges of the Menopause, induced by hormonal changes.

Wisdom, goodness and serenity may grow as you get older, but the same isn’t true for many of your hormone levels. During Menopause, lower levels of oestrogen have a big impact on a women’s well being. Menopause isn’t a one-size-fits-all event. It affects each woman differently. Some woman reaches natural menopause with little to no troubles, others have severe symptoms. Psychological uneasiness, vulnerability and stress symptoms as well as physical discomfort, as hot flashes, night sweats can be difficult symptoms to cope with.


Good shape and beautiful skin

Many women are affected by faster weight increase. For middle-aged women, what used to disappear after a few days with a bit of sport and self-restraint when eating, suddenly presses very stubbornly against the waistband of their favourite jeans.

In this phase of women’s live, overall metabolism slows down and the production of female hormones drops significantly. This results in unfamiliar fat deposits on problem zones, thighs, stomach and buttock, especially if there is no change in diet and activity levels.

Attempting to combat this stage with sport is often successful in the wrong places. Fatty tissue on the bust and upper arms disappears more quickly than on the stomach, legs and bottom, leaving behind flabby skin that no longer wishes to adapt to the new shape. This is because connective tissue loses elasticity without cease during menopause. To crown it all, water deposits cause some women’s bottom and legs to swell and set off even slight cellulite in an unsightly manner.

This is where the HYPOXI-Method comes in, which tackles stubborn problem areas in a targeted fashion. An innovative combination of compression and vacuum treatment with moderate fat-burning training stimulates the circulation of the blood to problem areas and activates metabolism. Fatty acids are thereby taken away and burned more quickly and effectively by the circulatory system. Four different HYPOXI devices offer appropriate natural treatment for every problem area. The HYPOXI-Coach puts together an individual training plan for every user, designed according to their situation and objectives, also giving tips on maintaining a healthy diet.


All informations about HYPOXI on

YOUR HYPOXI Trial Workout

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HYPOXI – the most targeted method for a beautiful body.
November 3rd, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema

Beautiful and healthy with HYPOXI

Is the HYPOXI-Method healthy? This question can be answered with a clear Yes! The HYPOXI-Method is based on proven medical and training methods which have been consistently  developed further by HYPOXI. The HYPOXI-Training systematically removes redundant body fat which strains the body. Moderate movement stimulates the metabolism; the connective tissue is strengthened and tightened. The result? Complete physical well-being.

HYPOXI – the most targeted method for a beautiful body.


More >Informations about HYPOXI

BOOK a TRIAL Workout


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October 15th, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema

❤️ HYPOXI-Studio „LADY-SHAPE“ ❤️

Introduction to the HYPOXI-Concept “HYPOXI-Studio LADY SHAPE”

As HYPOXI-Studios “LADY SHAPE” are integrated in existing businesses less space is required due to existing facilities like changing and consultation rooms.

Nevertheless the premises of the HYPOXI devices should be planned generously in order to achieve a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

HYPOXI-Studios “LADY SHAPE” qualified for:

Regions with small catchment areas
Day #Spas
#Fitness Centers/#Gyms
#Cosmetic Studios
#Medical Centers
#Beauty Institutes
#Sports#health and #wellness hotels

For more information click here:

You would like to know more about the #SUCCESS #STORIES of our partners? Click here:

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Kristina M. -> minus 28,5cm
September 25th, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema

Result of the #HYPOXI– #Lipoedema study:

Kristina M. (age: 30, starting weight: 62.6 kg)

37 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology

––> minus 28.5 cm

 the water retention in my legs are fading from training to training
 I really look forward to every training session, before HYPOXI, I was a real sports denier

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September 18th, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema


– Fight your #lipoedema pain
– Test #HYPOXI for free now!

Get inspired by HYPOXI customers and achieve a completely new body sensation through our targeted method.

#worldwide #lipoedema #fightlipedema


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“In total, I lost 58.5cms from the lower half of my body through HYPOXI”
August 28th, 2018 by hypoxilipoedema

Karen Windsor, volunteer at Talk Lipoedema, took part in a Lipoedema study at HYPOXI-Studio Chiswick. She is very active in increasing awareness of the disease.

In her own words she shares her experience with us.

“My name is Karen Windsor and I’m diagnosed with lipoedema and other lymphatic disorders. I started using HYPOXI, my journey has been great, with mostly ups. The only thing that I struggled with is my knees, unfortunately they are damaged through years of miss diagnosis.

I’ve got osteoarthritis. When I first started HYPOXI couldn’t put my knees together because of the lipoedema fat (fat pads), after a month this greatly reduced and to my delight I could.

I remember the day I started and my measurements, Maria said put your knees together and I couldn’t, I just thought this was normal, a month later my measurements day came and I could suddenly put them together, it was such an achievement I cried. Something so silly was something so great to me.

At the start, I was convinced because the weight wasn’t shifting that this wasn’t working, yet I was following everything to the latter including adding my own methods. It was another measurements day, to my great surprise I’d lost over 40cms it was nearly a month and 1/2 into the program, I was so over whelmed I phoned Maria in tears, I had to thank her for giving me this opportunity it was the best present ever. I started to feel stronger I noticed so many changes in my body from look to feel to pain decrease. I also have fibromyalgia and I can honestly say the symptoms have changed so much. Even my rheumatologist was shocked.

Dorota at the Chiswick branch was my coach, my friend, my backbone, she helped me no end with this journey. I’m so utterly grateful to HYPOXI for helping me change the dimensions of these illnesses, this isn’t a cure, there is no cure but you can certainly turn the clock back on all of this. Life is for living and after 30 operations and years of pain close to full disability using braces and crutches etc I found HYPOXI, nothing has worked for me like this treatment. I continue to fascia blast, eat a ketogenic diet and do low impact exercise and lift weights. I believe HYPOXI combined with my own methods is what has helped me change my life, my trial is over now but I’m continuing on with my methods, now that my body is fully metabolised thanks to the clever science of HYPOXI. I did 36 sessions this is my reveal my journey. If you want to follow how I will maintain and take the loss further follow me at @kazzzyb_talk_chick.

Since finishing my HYPOXI-Treatments, I’ve been following my own methods because of how HYPOXI has metabolised my body. In total, I lost 58.5cms from the lower half of my body through HYPOXI. HYPOXI gave me a gift and I’m determined to make this work, I might have to go back to HYPOXI one day but if I do I know this treatment works. It’s not invasive surgery, it carries no risks. I can do a session and go back to my life, no recovery time.

This journey has been an emotional one, lipoedema is an evil illness because you are just classed as overweight or fat, you’re not, you have abnormal fat cells in the body and now there is a treatment that can help. Thank you HYPOXI, thank you Maria and thank you Dorota in Chiswick for being the best support and friend and helping me on this journey.”

More informations on

Take the first step to a new body sensation – the first training at an authorized HYPOXI-Studio is completely free and without obligation!

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